Company Profile

Under the brand name of SUN-POWER with the slogan of "A concerted effort for a better company “  The management of our company has put a lot of emphasis on contribution to society in heavy reliance on the growth of "Individuals," development of "Company" and offer of "Good Products."

By sharing this management philosophy, all employees are shaping their future by focusing their efforts every day on the development of resource-saving and environmentally friendly products such as "Power Supply Equipment," "Optical source Equipment" and "Energy Conservation"

And in order to achieve "Cost," "Quality," and "Delivery" enabling to satisfy "Customers," an overseas factory has undergone makeover so that it may be able to acquire capability of a seamless production system through parts procurement to manufacture.

In addition, as a new era called "The Second Founding Period" has set in, a framework to challenge a new field has come into being. This challenge has steadily produced a result as "High Voltage Power Supply Business" and "Lighting and Optical Source Equipment Business."

Consistently since the foundation in 1969, "Power Supply Equipment" providing unmatched safety and ease-of-use has always been in the pipeline. Additionally, a positive stance towards to advancement to "Analog Circuit Technology Field" has been in place. Under the circumstance, "Power Supply Equipment" and "Energy Conservation Equipment" tailored to meet customer needs and challenges of a "Recycling Society" continue to come to the market together with new products full of "Originality" and able to contribute to society in terms of "Convenience" and "Labor saving." Your support down the road will be highly appreciated.